Human beings are social animals, we cannot live without relationships, be it family relations, friendships, romantic relationships. Since our birth society has drilled in our mind how important these relationships are and how these relationships should be ideally.

Society and media paint such beautiful and loving pictures of relationships and seldomly it ever portrays a scenario where a relationship fails.

Relationships are also important for a person’s emotional and social growth. But sometimes relationships turn bitter and sometimes both parties involved get hurt badly, due to many reasons: misunderstandings, lack of communication, etc.

Oftentimes people become too dependent on these relations to the point they start obsessing over them. So much so they stop prioritizing themselves in front of other parties. Whether these other parties be their wife, lover, friends, sister, brother, or parents it doesn’t matter,

They become super clingy, they have no sense of boundaries. They start behaving like a doormat and even stop investing time in themselves to evolve as a person. They believe if a certain person leaves them their life will fall apart and they will not be able to stand on their own two feet again.

As a result, without their realization, some people start becoming people pleasers.

At Talk Health Now our therapists provide counseling and therapy for the following :

1). Couple Counseling : Our therapist provides a safe environment for couples to easily understand each other point of view and also helps them to reflect on their actions. They help them to give a better understanding of what the other person needs.

2). Individual Counseling: Our therapists provide individual counseling for people who are suffering from a failed relationship. Whether that is a failed romantic relationship, family relationship, or friendship.

They help an individual in the following ways:

  • By helping them setting up boundaries and guiding them not to be dependent on others.
  • By guiding them on how to let go or move on after a break-up.
  • By helping them regulate their emotions.