All of us experience anxiety now and then in our life. People are expected to have normal anxiety and most of the time it pushes people to achieve their tasks.

There is not a single human being on earth who does not panic or agonize over things. However, if a person continues to live in fear and constant anxiousness to the point it hinders a person’s day-to-day life then that indicates the presence of anxiety disorder.

Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is way more severe than normal anxiety. People suffering from GAD can’t help but feel anxious about everything. Most of the time the anxiety level is so high that they can’t even calm themselves by doing breathing exercises or grounding techniques without using medicines and therapies.

Oftentimes people fail to realize that they are suffering from an anxiety disorder. They tend to ignore all the red flags until they have their first anxiety attack or panic attack. As till the very end, they believe they are dealing with normal stress which is bound to come with modern days lifestyle and competition. But they forget that somewhere down the line anxiety and stress can be correlated.

Following are some physical and psychological symptoms of anxiety:

Shaking or trembling A feeling of constantly being on edge
Sweating Difficulty in concentrating
Shortness of breath A feeling of impending doom
Headache Constantly thinking about unpleasant thoughts
Insomnia Obsessing over past mistakes
Feeling nauseous Difficulty in remembering recent conversations
Feeling worn out or tired all the time Having no control over one’s emotions

Anxiety disorder if left untreated can lead to further mental disorders. It can obstruct a person’s everyday life and can also stop him or her from evolving to their full potential. It can eventually lead to depression and a person may also resort to self-harm or suicide.

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